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What's in my brand?
Get the facts on our brands in more than 170 countries.
About tobacco leaf
Our products contain different types of tobacco, blended for aroma, taste and character.
Non-tobacco components
Most of our companies' products also use materials such as filters, paper and adhesives.

We have information here for brands sold in more than 170 countries, giving details of any ingredients added to the tobacco during manufacturing, along with other materials such as filters, paper and adhesives.

You can see whether your country is covered by checking the menu box on the left-hand side of this page. If it is not, we may still be compiling all the relevant data for the local market - please check back soon as we will continue to increase our coverage of countries over time.

If your country is covered, you can view information for a particular product or a combined list of ingredients and non-tobacco components for the whole of your local market.

Countries such as the UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Canada have legislation or voluntary agreements that govern the ingredients that may or may not be used in tobacco products.

For countries without legislation, a uniform standard is applied across the Group based on the laws and scientific standards typically applied to foodstuffs.

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