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To find out what's in your brand, first select a product category from the menu below and click the arrows. Then do the same to find your brand and variant .
France Domestic Ingredients

You can find information here about our Group companies’ products sold in this location.

By selecting a particular brand and brand variant from the drop-down menus on the left you will see details of any ingredients added to the tobacco during manufacturing, along with other materials such as filters, paper and adhesives.

You will see that we distinguish clearly between materials that are burnt when the product is used such as tobacco, flavourings and cigarette paper, and those materials that are not burnt such as filters, plugwrap paper and certain adhesives.

The figures for each product are shown in milligrams (mg) and as a percentage (%) of a typical final product. Obviously, there may be a very small variance between actual final products, due to normal manufacturing procedures and tolerances.

Complete lists of ingredients and flavourings

As well as this brand specific information, you can also view the following lists for the ingredients added to the tobacco across all products in this location:

These lists contain information about all of the ingredients used, showing a Maximum Use (MU) value for each ingredient by weight (mg) and by percentage (%) of a product. The MU is the maximum amount of each ingredient added to any brand sold in this country – it does not necessarily reflect the actual level of use in any particular product.

Smoking and health

All tobacco products pose risks to health, but based on available scientific evidence, our view is that the ingredients our companies use, at the levels used, do not present any additional health risk.

You will find more information about the health risks of tobacco use in the Health and science section of our corporate website.